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Best Theme





All Individuals entering the event are automatically considered for the people’s choice award. Everyone will be given an identification sticker with a participation number to place on the windshield or somewhere clearly visible on the vehicle. Individuals judging will use the stickers to identify the vehicle and vote.




Judging for this contest will be done by individuals participating in the rally. Upon entering a rally, everyone who registers will receive a score sheet. The individual voting will vote on the vehicle of their liking; they will also be given a time to turn in all paperwork.


Contest Recommendations

All themes should be in good taste.  Any themes displaying nudity or racially insensitive information, or racially insensitive symbols will not be judged.


The theme should flow through the entire bike. If you are using a wrap, please make sure there are no visible tears or damage.

Your theme should be easy to recognize.  All paintings and wraps should be clearly visible without distortion or fading.


The theme can be consistent throughout your bike, including the interior and exterior of the bike.

Themes can be movies, cartoons, destinations, historical figures, characters, numbers, etc. 


Note:  Wearing clothing or costumes to match your theme is always helpful.

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