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The overall purpose of the 3 Wheel Showdown Sound Competition is to create a competition that fosters fellowship, camaraderie, and good old fashion down home fun. This is not a competition that will be used as a platform to degrade any company, competitor, or other sound event. In short, this is a family friendly competition environment.  Therefore, we would greatly appreciate both competitors and non-competitors be on their very best behavior.


National Championship 2023-point scale


In the spirit of fairness, the Three Wheel Showdown developed a point system for the sound and light competitions. Those traveling around the country competing throughout the year in the sound and light competition will receive points for first and second place. At the end of the season, the points will be totaled to establish ranking order at the national championship in Atlanta, Georgia. First place finishers earn a buy for the first and second round; the second-place finishers will earn a buy for the first round only. 


All Three Wheel Showdown Rallies and affiliated rallies such as Gotham City and Maggie Valley, will receive 3 points for 1st place and 2 points for 2nd place except for rallies taking place in Los Angles, Las Vegas, and Wisconsin.  These rallies will receive 5 points for 1st place and 4 points for 2nd place. 


The season ends with the Atlanta Rally in September. Points received after the Atlanta rally will be applied for the following year. 




We are excited for the new rule changes! We made it fair across the board so everyone will have the opportunity to participate. 

3 Wheel Showdown/Riders4lifeslingfest



(6) speakers up to 6.5” & single 10” sub Max of 7 speakers



(6) speakers up to 8” mids & 2-10” subs Max of 8 speakers



(8) speakers up to 10” mid & 2-12 “subs Max of 10 speakers



(16) speakers up to a 12” mid + 2 subs up to 12” Max of 18 speakers



(Unlimited subs) Max of 32 speakers subs are included in the 32 speaker count.





(Anything with a top or trailer not built onto an exciting part of the sling and 4 subs) This class isn’t big and subject to the host.

*Tweeters will not be counted as speakers

*Compression drivers/wave guides will be counted as a speaker



Each competition category (featherweight, lightweight, welterweight, middleweight, heavyweight) must have at least five contestants for the cash prize to be given for that category.

  • No buybacks due to the number of competitors and time constraints.  The practice of charging participants to continue once eliminated will not be used.

    • Each Slingshot must be registered with the correct Class (FW, LW, WW, MW, HW, EXTRM)

    • Each participant will meet at the host table to randomly draw numbers to see what order they will enter the ring to compete. All Grudge matches will be after the Event. 

    • It will be up to you to ensure you are logged into your equipment i.e. (Radio/DSP). Please log into your equipment prior to entering the ring.

    • Once you've pulled into the ring you will have 2 minutes to address technical issues. If you are not ready to compete after 2 minutes, you will be disqualified.

    • Each Slingshot must be able to pull in and out of the ring under its own power. If you cannot drive in or out of the ring, your Slingshot WILL be disqualified.

    • Clipping is an AUTOMATIC disqualification. A CLIP is any interruption of sound from your Slingshot audio. This includes loss of sound from one or more of your Slingshot systems (Tweeters, Mids, Subwoofers). * A majority of the judges judging the bikes have to hear the clip. If you receive a text or call during the competition you will be disqualified.

    • If a judge finds you have clipped, he/she will have the final word. Any argument will result in immediate disqualification.

    • Tunning (adjusting DSP, EQ or Crossover) during the competition is prohibited and will be an immediate Disqualification. Adjusting a bass knob or volume will not be considered tuning. If a judge finds you were tuning or someone else in the crowd is tuning, you will be disqualified.


Prize Categories 

Featherweight/Lightweight/Welterweight: $750

Middleweight/Heavyweight: $1000

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